Easiest way to Track your resource time Utilization

Track and report time utilization automatically and accurately

Get instant reporting on your resource utilization. NyuTraq reports are very user friendly. You can create your own dashboard in seconds.


NyuTraq can capture various employee activities like key stroke, mouse movement, screen lock, application tabs as well as screenshots with accurate time spent.


The reports are Web-based, interactive, real-time, downloadable, graphical as well as tabular, rule based and highly customization. Dashboards come with drill down feature.


The complete installation can be done within your company network and thus ensuring data security. Requires very minimal technical prerequisites.


Processes can be easily customization. Comes with different features like – Hidden mode, visible mode, production capture mode and more.

you want

  • Applications
  • Screenshots
  • Mouse movement
  • keystrokes
  • screen lock
  • Time spent on each queue
  • Time spent on each application
  • Login/logout time
  • Idle time
  • Break timing
  • Away time
  • Production count and MORE

you want

  • Utilization dashboard (customizable)
  • Attendance 
  • Total login time
  • Shift adherence
  • On-system time with queue breakup
  • Break time with durations
  • Application usage log
  • Application usage summary
  • Production log
  • Screenshots
  • Team performance
  • Individual performance
  • Process level reporting
  • Department level reporting and MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

NyuTraq can capture keystrokes, keystroke count, mouse movement, screenlock instances, screenshots, screen recording and much more. Your company admin will have access to enable or disable these features. Please note none of these captured information will go out of the network in which the tool is installed.
No. Agent cannot make any changes. All changes are to be done by the nominated admin/POC. Agent will neither be able to close application. 
While NyuTraq comes with many readily available reports, you will be able to easily customize and add new metrics/reports. Some of the available reports are 1) production/utilization by date, by agent, by team, etc. 2) time utilization by application 3) schedule adherence % 
Yes, setting access levels is very easy. A supervisor can she his/her team’s summarized as well as detailed reports. Similarly department head will be able to see the rolled up reports for his/her span.
Yes, This feature is available and can be enabled by the company admin. Once enabled, agents will be able to key in their production count periodically or we can sync NyuTraq with your  production database.
Two minutes to install on user system and around 30 mins to install the reporting feature in your network. Major customization might take few days.

Write to info@nyuwaz.com for demo