Back to back meetings? What about MOM?

Oh, Back to back meetings today. Who will manage MOM?

Yes, we all have said this in our office life. There will be days when we end up having, what we call ‘working lunch’. While these situations are inevitable, there are few usual problems that can be solved.

On this page, I am attempting to list down such problems and I am going to provide a smart solution at the end of this article.

The problems:


  • –          Oh, I missed circulating agenda.
  • –          Oh, I have to track the status of action items from last meeting
  • –          I don’t have the agenda, can someone share with me

During the meeting:

  • –          Where are the last meeting’s action items? What is the status?
  • –          Didn’t we discuss this in our last meeting? Why haven’t we moved forward yet?
  • –          Who is making notes today? Please send the MOM with no delay.


  • –          Oh I have to go through my notes
  • –          I think I missed noting one point
  • –          No time to send MOM
  • –          I wrote a note but I don’t remember what was the actual discussion
  • –          Oh, we did not discuss on few agenda points. I need to carry them to the next meeting
  • –          Do I send only actions or actions + discussion points?
  • –          All actions assigned are scatted in multiple emails

We hear these statements often and live with them. As you read these sentences, you can see some hidden problems, reworks, misses, non-value adds, etc. Avoiding these situations simply means that the meetings are more productive as we can focus on the core issues.

Consider this solution: What if we give you an online application:

  • –          Allows you to create an agenda and schedule meeting
  • –       Auto Circulates 
  • –          Converts your speech into text and allows you to take notes as well as action items during the meeting itself
  • –          Acts as a single repository for all meetings, actions and discussion points within your organization (with necessary view restrictions)
  • –          Circulates MOM and Sends timely follow-ups.
  • –          Allows users to track progress and completions
  • –          Allows offline task delegations
  • –          Provides individual dashboard on action items
  • –          Finally, Keeps the data within your network

I’m sure you will love it.

It’s called NyuTask.

NyuTask is a meeting and task management solution. It is an online tool and it can be hosted within your network or on cloud. For product demo, click on the link at the end of this article.

On a lighter note, the other problems which our application cannot fix are:

  • –          ……………………………………………………… Sorry, I am speaking on mute
  • –          Can you hear me?
  • –          I mean…. The data… aa… um.. sorry go ahead… you go ahead… I mean… the data…
  • –          John… you there? I think we lost him
  • –          I have a hard stop guys
  • –          Sorry I am late. My previous meeting ran over 🙂

NyuWaz Solutions is loved by it’s clients for providing following most suitable and customized services:

  • Ready and tailored IT/Software solutions
  • Process automation and digitization
  • Quality assurance and Operations/Business Excellence programs
  • Employee up-skilling trainings

Our ready to implement applications can make your operations/business run faster and more efficient. Click below for product demo.

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