What Is Your MIS Team Doing?

Management information system (MIS) plays a crucial role in improving the overall performance of an organization as it enables timely actions. MIS not only provides timely information to the internal departments but I can also be a great service differentiator and make you stand tall in the eyes of your clients/customers.

Many companies use MIS majorly on the past data and a few use it for the present i.e. real-time reporting. However, one of the very useful features of MIS is that it can be used for forecasting and projecting performance for the coming time.

Why do we need MIS?… Simple answer – ‘for making decisions’.

Yes, every MIS report aims at helping the reader make a decision. The decision can be as simple as ‘to take no action’. Therefore, any MIS setup should ensure these basic attributes: Timeliness, Correctness, Completeness, relevance, optimum level of info – not more not less, self-explanatory or easy understand, further drill-down as well roll-up feature.

Now let me come to the main point of this article. Let’s look at the MIS team’s regular activities. All MIS efforts can be categorized into two types:

A)    Creating and circulating periodic standard reports or scorecards  E.g. Daily production, daily revenue report, resource utilization report, headcount changes, inflow trends, Inventory status, project status report.
B)    Analysis reports to bring out insights related to a specific issueE.g. CSAT analysis, aging analysis, volume/sales pattern analysis, load-balancing analysis.

In most of the companies, MIS dept spends their major time and effort on type A job and does no or very little on type B.


Common answer – ‘This is how the MIS team is functioning for years’.

Since type ‘A’ reports consume a high amount of manual effort, the MIS team ends up not getting the chance to work on Type B and gradually organization reaches a stage where no one expects Type B outcomes from MIS team. This eventually degrades the MIS team’s profile within that organization.

We, NyuWaz Solutions, have been successful in uplifting the profile and outcomes of MIS departments with many of our clients. We have done it through our intelligent online MIS/BI setup.


See what our online MIS/BI solution has done:

Type A) Standard reportsThese reports already have the finalized source, templates and rules. Our MIS/BI application can accommodate such source connections, rules, templates, distro list and frequency and then publishes the reports automatically.  It is like a ROBOT. No manual intervention needed.  

Users (management) can create their customized dashboards within a minute.  

Reports are published in both online as well as automated email format.  
Type B) Analysis reportsOur MIS/BI tool has an interactive feature with which the user can do data analysis just by dragging and dropping data points. The output is not just in the table view, but the user can instantly create interactively graphs and charts.

Now, using this feature, not only MIS team gets a chance to work on type B, but even delivery teams and management can do their analysis instantly.

In fact, our customers do their review meetings using this interactive and drag & drop option.  
Note: No separate BI tool license is required and the data resides within the client network.

In Type B, there will be still some tasks that cannot be automated. E.g. the analysis that needs reasoning and manual decision making. The uplifted MIS team now handles such tasks where they can apply their intelligence and creativity. 

Over a period of time, few type B reports get standardized and fall into type A. Our ROBOT can take care of them 🙂

As the organization grows, the importance of MIS only increases. Therefore your overall growth strategy should address MIS requirements as well.

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