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Employee Utilization Reporting Application. Automatically captures employee’s all system activities like system lock, key stroke, mouse movement, screenshots, etc and provides summary dashboard


Online MIS reporting Platform. Eliminate redundant and manual reporting effort. Reduce effort and time by more than 90%. Make real time reports available online on a single click.


Simplify all your quality control/assurance activities through digitization. Checklist, Audits, Feedback, Rebuttal, Analysis, Reporting, Action tracking is completely easy and online.


Entire org’s action items are maintained in one place. Create agenda, perform meeting, take action during meeting, auto circulation of actions, auto follow up and track timeliness.


Analyze your data with our drag and drop, filter, sort, slicer options. View summary in table and graphs within seconds. Unlimited user customizable dashboards. Scheduled report generation.


Super-Simplest platform for managing training activities. Learning progress, Assessments, e-acknowledgements, e-certifications, customized reports/dashboards.


Customizable process workflow platform. Auto/manual/rule based work assignment, reporting, productivity tracking, accurate TAT tracking, customized metrics, reports/dashboards.


Case management tool for email based customer support team. Manage all email queries without opening the mailbox. Tag customer reply to the original query. Track timeliness accurately.


Employee  life-cycle management from on-boarding to relieving and beyond. Leave management, performance appraisal, Feedback, record management and More.


Employee engagement digitized and made easy. Send announcements, provide self-help material, Track engagements, strengthen company culture.

Web Portal Services

Nyu Cart

Choose from wide range of view and features. Highly customizable and Payment gateway can be easily added.

Nyu e-Learning

Learning platform with eCommerce features. Offer discounts and enable coupons. Track student performance. 

Nyu School

School management activities – online. Track attendance, scores, feedback, syllabus, payment status and more.

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All our applications are highly customizable. We study your problem and set up to and then modify the application to suit your needs.

Data Securitty

All enterprise applications can be installed within your office network or your cloud space to ensure entire data resides within your environment.

100% Support

In addition to FAQ and User Manuals, We provide education session for the users as well as company admins to use the applications independently.