What we do

1# Technology Solutions

Ready application:

Our flagship products can help you carry out your regular operations and business activities effortlessly and efficiently and they are highly customizable. Our ready applications cover all your basic operation needs, like resource utilization tracking, Quality Management portals, Workflow/case management, query/ticket management systems, HR management, SLA management, complaint tracking, MIS reporting and MORE…

Customized application development:

We design and build web-based as well as desktop-based applications per your operations requirements to help you digitize your processes. We can also study your current process setup and identify digitization opportunities.

BI Dashboards:

We build business intelligence reports and dashboards for your business that can show live as well as past performance statistics consolidated on one screen. The reports are interactive and contain self-help features for user to view the report, analyze the performance and also download the data. These BI dashboards not only  show live performance but can also extrapolate the past trend and provide early-warnings.

2# Consulting services

Process Automation

With our expertise in various types of automations, we can identify opportunities in your process and implement automations – Simple point automations as well as complex RPA setup. Our expertise include – RPA, VBA/Macro based automations, MS Access DB setup, SQL queries, screen-scraper, desktop automations, automated reporting, automated email notifications and MORE…

Process improvements/re-engineering

We can spread and strengthen the Quality and Continuous Improvement culture in your organization through our most effective programs and also provide mentoring support to execute the projects/initiatives.

Strategic project management

We can help you drive your org level strategic projects like – efficiency improvement, digitization, idea generation, CSAT/NPS improvement, cycle time reduction, service quality improvement and MORE…

3# Training Solutions

With vast experience in BPO/IT and other business environments, we have build unique and the most effective training modules to up-skill your workforce and enable them to produce better results. We provide post-training mentoring support to help them make use of the learnings. Also, we can customize our training programs per your needs and priorities.

Some of our training programs:

  • Lean Six Sigma Training (YB, GB, BB)
  • Process Improvement Champion Session – for leadership level
  • Innovative thinking workshop
  • Systems thinking workshop
  • MS Office applications (Excel, PPT,…)
  • Point Automation’s (Macro, VBA,…)
  • Building dashboard (PowerBI, Excel)
  • Off-site team building
  • Presentation skills
  • New Leader Cert (For front line supervisors)
      • Makes the team leader (or potential candidate) ready for the role
      • People management, SLA management, Quality management, Excel basics, data analysis basics, presentation skills, communication skills, time management, performance management, staffing calculations, attrition calculations, TAT calculations, percentile calculations, CSAT/NPS calculation and MORE…
      • Series of activities to be done by the participants to get certified
  • New Manager Cert (Mid level leaders)
      • Makes the Manager (or potential candidate) ready for the role
      • Financial management, project management, change management, conflict management, quality management, process improvement basics,  performance management,  conducting internal audits, client communication and MORE…
      • Series of activities to be done by the participants to get certified

4# Quality Assurance

org level programs

Infuse in your workforce, the right mindset and the structured ways of working by building formal org wide initiatives/programs/series of activities. We have extensive experience in setting up enterprise level programs like:

  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Service Quality Excellence
  • CSAT/NPS enhancement
  • Business/Operations Excellence model
  • Ideation and execution programs
  • Kaizaen/Lean/Six Sigma project management and certification procedure

independent quality Review

With our 15+ years experience in Quality Management, we can perform independent quality review on your process outputs – voice & non-voice and our analysis and reports would provide you with actionable insights. We also assist in implementing the most suitable control measures to improve and sustain your process quality and product quality.

5# Processing Support

Automated + Manual Processing

We not only provide manual processing support but also implement automations on your process. This not only ensure high-accuracy but also shortens the cycle time. With our cost-effective, high-quality and reliable processing support, you have an extended workforce that not only takes the load but also ensures business continuity.